Fortrezz ZWave Water Shut Off, Indoor Actuator


Water damage can be disastrous and is one of the most common home insurance claims. With FortrezZ’s Z-Wave Indoor Automated Water Valve Actuator, you can sleep more soundly knowing that should an emergency occur, the valve will automatically close to shut off your home’s water supply, removing the chance of any major property damage.

In addition to automatic valve control, the FortrezZ Indoor Actuator lets you manually open and close the valve at any point in three different ways: with the motor’s built-in On/Off buttons, with the motor’s manual control knob or remotely through the Z-Wave network.

The actuator has three indicator lights to show different events on it: red to show the valve is closed, yellow to show an error or that the valve isn’t on a Z-Wave network and green to show that the valve is open.

As a Z-Wave enabled product, it communicates with your Z-Wave controller and sends notifications to your smartphone when a water event occurs. While part of the network, it can also be set up as an irrigation device. Additional sensors and Z-Wave controller are sold separately.

Included the in the box are a Z-Wave Valve Actuator (motor), a hard-wired water sensor probe, a 110V power adapter and an owner’s manual.



  • For indoor use only. Not rated for outdoor installation
  • 908.4MHz Frequency, Z-Wave
  • Can be used as an irrigation device
  • May qualify for insurance premium discounts for flood protection insurance. (ask your insurance company for specific details)
  • When a water event occurs the system automatically sends you an email, text message, or phone call depending on your Z-wave home controller settings
  • Can be remotely operated through Z-Wave
  • Max working pressure of 125 PSIG
  • Three indicator lights: RED – The valve is closed, YELLOW – Mode: Z-Wave network status, GREEN – The valve is open
  • FCC and IC Certified
  • Ambient temperature: 1.67 C to 40.56 C (35 F to 105 F)
  • Voltage: 110V AC converted to 12V DC (Class 2 Power Supply w/ 20’ cord) 1.3A full load
  • Polycarbonate enclosure, NEMA 4x (weather-resistant)
  • Dimensions 6.25” x 7” x 3.78”
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • 1/2″ Valve: 19 GPM at 1 PSI pressure drop
  • 3/4″ Valve: 34 GPM at 1 PSI pressure drop
  • 1” Valve: 52 GPM at 1 PSI pressure drop
  • 1-1/4” Valve: 77 GPM at 1 PSI pressure drop



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