Honeywell T9 Smart WiFi Programmable Thermostat


Smart thermostats are convenient, and can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. Smart thermostats allow you to change various thermostat settings from your smartphone–and, in some cases, a web browser, computer, or simply with your voice.


  • Adjust your thermostat from anywhere, or let the home react to your schedule with geofencing
  • Smart alerts let you know if the home is too hot or too cold so you can take action
  • Thermostat learns your home’s heating and cooling cycle times to deliver the optimal temperature at the right time
  • Reminds you to change your filters when you need to
  • With Smart Room Sensors, you can balance the temperature of multiple rooms, creating a more comfortable home for you and your family
  • Can configure itself – just answer a few simple questions to get started
  • Easy-to-install, low-voltage alternative to a C-wire, so the thermostat is compatible with most homes


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