Techno Solis Pool Water Heater


Technosolis solar panels have been imitated time and time again, but their quality can never be equaled. The TechnoSolis solar pool heating system has a patented design that heats your pool reliably, at a very comfortable temperature, without increasing your gas or electricity bill as the pool doesn’t use a heat pump, propane pool heater, or a natural gas pool heater. With the TechnoSolis solar pool heating system and the solar heat pump, there is no heating cost, it’s free!

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The TechnoSolis solar panel is extra resistant especially because of the 104 molded directly in the piping at both ends of the panel. The interconnected flow tubes prevent heat loss and the oval shape of these tubes offers a larger heating surface. TechnoSolis tests every single solar panel before it leaves the factory, thereby ensuring a solar pool heating system in perfect working order. In addition, we offer a 10 year warranty, as well as a limited lifetime warranty. Homeowners can therefore rest assured that the pool will be heated for free by the sun, without headaches or hassles, for many years to come.

TechnoSolis manufacture different sizes of panels, to optimize your roof, from 4′ x 4.5′ to 4′ x 12′.

The TechnoSolis solar pool panel has the highest BTU* rating on the market (Solar Florida Energy Center) with 48 000 BTU* per panel.


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